Asana massage chair features


Instant access

Quickly access & customise any programs and features using the shortcut controller.


New Programs

Plenty of auto and custom programs for different parts of body and the day.


Total reflexology

All new leg massager with knee pull feature and triple foot roller action.


Auto width adjustments

No one is too big or too small any longer,it automatically measures and grabs your shoulder.


Hi fi system

Stereo system connects to your mobile device via Bluetooth technology and plays your favorite music during the massage



Full body heat promotes better blood circulation and faster metabolism.

Sit,it's got your back.

Auto height adjustment and added knee pull feature
makes it a sit and forget massage experience.

Auto Shoulder Adjustment

No one is too big or too small any longer,
it automatically measures and grabs your shoulder.

Instant Access

All functions can be controlled by a smart additional buttons on the armrest.

USB Charger

You are getting recharged so should your phone!
Never be out of charge again while you are relaxing and
listening to your favourite music or audio books.

3D Surround Sound

All new crystal clear sound system enabels you
to enjoy your music like never before,simply sync your bluetooth and enjoy.