3D Patented Massage Machine, Deep Extreme Experience

Aroma Massage chair with intelligent soft 3D massage machine in back, it breaks through the limitation of common massage chairs that can’t do deep massage on acupoints of neck and waist parts, Scans your back,adjuts shoulder pressure,shoulder grabbing, shoulder kneading function and deep massage.

Hood & Light Therapy Offers You a Comfortable Experience

According to pilot’s physiology coherent body and mind fatigue fast recovery system, Elex Sleeping Cabin Aroma has invented the astronaut’s space capsule light therapy hood. Lower the hood and the user can completely remain undisturbed and enjoy the ultimate comfortable and tranquil private massage space.


Creating comfortable massage posture helps reduce heart and spine pressure, resulting in an excellent massage experience. Based on the NASA Zero Gravity theory, and fundamental of TCM, ELEX created the most comfortable "Zero Gravity" massage position available today. Serenity can be adjusted to three Zero Gravity positions, through which a state of weightlessness can be achieved, allowing for unresisted relaxation. With "Zero Gravity" mode turned on, the angle of elevation between the body and legs is approximately 128 degrees. The weight of each body part is distributed evenly across the chair, eliminating unnecessary pressure.

The Best Stretching Function

Aroma massage chair features top of the line massage chair functions with synchronizing of air bags and rollers,Favorite pre-programmed stretch function will first compress and then stretches your body by holding onto your shoulders and pulling your shoulder and legs in 2 different directions!
  • Helen Leicester

    Fantastic service. I was promised me I could have the chair today and I didnt get into the shop until 2.30 pm, but it was delivered and installed finishing up around 6.45.

    Ran the chair on the 3D demo mode and then some targeted neck massage.

    Believe this chair is worth every penny.

    Helen Leicester
  • Ngawai

    Certegy Ezi-Pay takes the stress out of my life each time I needed to use it. Thank You.

  • Drew Cavill

    Loving the chair immensely, my lower back is feeling amazing. Worth every penny.If you are even just curious you have to give one of their chairs a go and you will be sold.

    Drew Cavill

Heat Therapy

Aroma massage chair heating overall back and shoulder just like a heat pack.Great option to simply keep you warm or Improve blood circulation , relieve fatigue effectively,greatly improve the massage quality and effect. (Patent number of heating massage device: ZL 2014 1 0330384.3)


Makes The Massage More Accurate


With ELEX initiative body detection technique and acupoint pulse tracking theory, the massage chair can detect the neck, shoulder, back, waist and buttock and provide a more accurate and deeper massage and xed point massage for users of dierent height, bringing them a more professional Chinese Traditional Medicine massage experience

Full body air pressure massage

With the full body airbag surrounding massage and unique simulation palm airbag technique, Aroma provides a delicate and soft air pressure massage on the shoulder, waist, seat, calf and feet, promoting the blood circulation, relaxing the muscles and joints and eliminating fatigue.
Warranty: 2 Years
COLOR: Black, , Burgundy
Power: 280W
Input voltage: AC120V/220-240V, 50/60Hz
TIME: 5/10/15/20/25/30/45 minutes
Chair Upright size : 150x85x140 CM(Lx Wx H)
Fully reclined size: 200x85x88 CM(Lx Wx H
Net Weight: 140KG